Episodes Final Editions Episode One: A New Direction Episode Two: Smack Down Episode Three: Girl Power Episode Four: You're Invited Episode Five: Auditions Episode Six: Popular Episode Seven: Glory & Gore Episode Eight: ARTPrism Episode Nine: Welcome To The Sixties Season One Spooked Dmitri Same/Similar Taking The Stage The Love Club Brand New Eyes Do You Believe In Magic Kids In America Showdown Team Spirit Characters New Directions Alyssa Roberts Angie Roberts Aspen Haynes-Schofield Brock Dowell Daniel Greatbach Derek Kaede Dmitri Blanchet Drew Kaede Jake Williams Jasmine Roberts New Directions Jason Marshall Jessica Rimmons Kendra Suazo Libretta Holland McKenzie Crawford Melissa Potter Riley Prince Rohan Haynes-Schofield Talia Creston Valerie Kostas

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