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  • Purple-Glee-Project

    Season 2 Spoilers

    December 17, 2013 by Purple-Glee-Project
    • Max will be leaving and will be replaced by an original Glee character.
    • Someone currently in New Directions will join The Troubletones before 2x01.
    • The New Directions will contain 20 members but will be equally made up of boys and girls unlike Season One.

    • They will play a larger role and will get featured more.
    • Eric and Jared will leave and be replaced by two new characters.
    • A new lead will be introduced, he will be named Marcus Anderson-Smythe (You're welcome Nemo)
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  • Purple-Glee-Project

    This is not the full list this is only the so far planned ships:

    • Angie and Derek (Angerek)
    • Brock and Pierre (Broerre)
    • Brock and McKenzie (BroKenzie)
    • Caleb and Dmitri (Camitri)
    • Catalina and Jessica (Jessalina)
    • Daniel and Dmitri (Danmitri)
    • Dmitri and Lucas (Lumitri)
    • Drew and Jake (Jrew)
    • Jason and Valerie (Valson)
    • Libretta and Rohan (Robretta)
    • Nigel and Pierre (Nierre)
    • Riley and Talia (Tailey)
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